What is Business AntahKaran™

What is Business AntahKaran™

Welcome to Business AntahKaran™ platform.

Yes, Very good question!

To understand meaning of Business AntahKaran™, first we will understand meaning of the AntahKaran™

AntahKaran™ means the system & process of the four states of ‘Mind, Intellect, Consciousness & Ego’ within the human being!

All four  ‘Mind, Intellect, Consciousness & Ego’ is not separate entity, but all four are integral part of one entity, it is called AntahKaran™

AntahKaran™ is an ancient indian text from Sanatan Shastras,

I extract this science from the ancient indian text, specially for Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

After years of independent research and development, I found exact system and process of the AntahKaran™, and I have develop the scientific system for application this science in day to day life on integral way.

I have integrate another sciences with this called the Dream’sTree® Kalpdroom®


I have symbolized with ancient indian art and culture i.e. Kalpavriksha

Dream’sTree® Kalpdroom® is the Sanskrit name of the Desire Tree Kalpavriksha

Every human being or business has dream, and they want to achieve success to fulfill their dreams.

Business is main part of life to earn money for survive and development life and society.

So, I have have a dream to give this science to all Businessmen and their employees for their business development to fulfill their vision, mission and goals.